The Company known as SF Software Limited, trading as Pebble, is hereafter referred to as the Company.

The Purpose of the Data Protection Statement

We are SF Software Limited trading as Pebble (we). We provide cloud based software solutions, Tali, Trac and Till, for schools and other organisations (our Customers). This involves processing personal data of individuals (pupils, parents, guardians, and employees of our Customers) on behalf of our Customers.

This document serves as our public statement on data protection, and sets out how we process personal information of individuals in connection with the provision of our systems (Tali, Trac and Till) to our Customers as Data Processors on behalf of our Customers. It is mainly aimed at our Customers who use our Tali, Trac and Till systems, however, it may also be of interest to the individuals whose personal data we process on behalf of our Customers.

We also process certain personal data (for example, data of our website visitors and individuals who interact with us professionally) on our own behalf and for our own purposes. Such processing is not covered in this data protection statement. If you wish to learn about it, please read our Privacy Notice.

What does this statement cover?